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Published: Aug 01, 2009, 08:45 IST | Sarita Tanwar

Welcome to a new world of romance; a novel way of story-telling; a screenplay that's both original and innovative and a film that's by far, the best of the year so far.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT: Welcome to a new world of romance; a novel way of story-telling; a screenplay that's both original and innovative and a film that's by far, the best of the year so far.

After Jab We Met, the expectations from Imtiaz Ali were monumental. But with Love Aaj Kal, he scores again and this time, creatively speaking, he grows by leaps and bounds.

LAK is all about reliving romance with two love stories running parallel, in different time spans. After over a year of being together, Jai (Saif Ali Khan) and Meera (Deepika Padukone) decide to call it quits.
Just when Jai believes he's happy being single again, his love guru Veer Singh (Rishi Kapoor) makes him realize the essence of true love by narrating his own love story (Saif again as the young Veer Singh) with Harleen (Giselle).

While in present day, Jai and Meera suffer pain and anguish leading to the eventual discovery of their true feelings for one another, on a different track, the Veer-Harleen romance also leads to its culmination thereby serving as the source that steers Jai towards his realisation.

WHAT'S HOT: Imtiaz Ali is, without doubt, the most imaginative director we've seen in the last five years. With LAK, he finally establishes his own brand of filmmaking.

His shot-taking is breathtaking it may seem complex at first but when the scenes unfold, it's rewarding. Imtiaz overwhelms you with his ingenious screenplay the interplay of scenes and characters leaves a lingering impact.
It's not an easy task weaving two love stories together set in different eras – and it's commendable how he merges them together.

LAK is a relationship-based film and Imtiaz makes it bold; and lets his characters step out of the stereotype it's almost unsettling (one has heard of break-up sex, but break-up party??) and that's why so fresh. His treatment of songs is outstanding – there are portions that choke you with emotion, particularly in the Ajj Din Chadheya number.

The crowning glory is the Main Kya Hoon number where he establishes Jai's entire journey from emancipation to solitude. Imtiaz even gets his lead cast to deliver career-best performances. Rishi Kapoor is lovable as the senior Veer Singh. Deepika Padukone is at her peak – her spontaneity may be mistaken for awkwardness but that's the crux of Meera.

Her lines are sharp; her reactions are natural and she's never been this uninhibited. She's delightful in the Chor Bazaari number. The ace card of LAK is Saif Ali Khan who simply blazes through the screen.

As the modern-day Jai, he excels in all the nuances. And as the young Veer Singh, he tugs at your heart with his silent love. His cutting-edge one-liners and stark intensity form the film's backbone. Quite simply, it's Saif's best performance to date.

WHAT'S NOT: The only unfinished portions in the film are the characterizations of Harleen and Vikram (played by Rahul Khanna).

Harleen's suppressed emotions work to an extent but newcomer Giselle fails to add pathos to the character. Rahul has a small but important part it's loosely sketched though and the only predictable part of the film.

Also, Rahul is surprisingly uncomfortable. In the confrontational scenes with Deepika, he exposes his limitations as an actor.   

WHAT TO DO: LAK is original, funny, introspective and romantic. Don't miss it go twist.

Love Aaj Kal
U/A; romance
Dir: Imtiaz Ali
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Rishi Kapoor

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