Lucky escape for family as banyan tree crushes car

Jul 03, 2012, 08:36 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Man sustains minor head injury as tree falls; wife, daughter, 15-day-old grandson escape unhurt

A Family had a lucky escape yesterday evening when the roots of a huge banyan tree gave way near Bharti Vidyapith road in Kothrud and came crashing down onto the roof of their car. Dada Jana Naiknavare (50) was driving in his car past the tree around noon with his wife, daughter and 15-day-old grandson when the incident occurred. Apart from Naiknavare sustaining a minor head injury, no other person in the vehicle was hurt, but the car was extensively damaged.

Dada Jana Naiknavare, who received a minor head injury when the tree fell on his car near More Vidyalaya in Kothrud yesterday

According to fire brigade officials, the tree was old and may have fallen down due to the rain. A relieved Naiknavare said, “We are very fortunate that my daughter’s 15-day-old son and other family members did not sustain any injuries.”

He added that he was staying at Shastri Nagar in Kothrud and was taking his daughter and grandson to a paediatric hospital yesterday where the infant was to undergo a check-up.

Naiknavare’s damaged car

“I was driving, my wife was sitting next to me and my daughter was in the backseat with her son. When we were near More Vidyalaya on Bharati Vidyapith road in Kothrud, I heard a loud bang and a big banyan tree fell on the roof of the car,” Naiknavare said.

He added that people in the vicinity immediately took them out of the vehicle and alerted the fire brigade. Rajesh Jagtap, fire officer with Erandwane Fire Brigade, said, “We received a call at 12.15 and immediately rushed to the spot and removed the tree from the car’s roof.”

A JCB crane removes the fallen banyan tree. Pics/Sandip Kolhatkar

He said that as the uprooted tree was in the middle of the road, traffic movement was disrupted for 30 minutes.  

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