'Lucky' gardener stumbles upon $1m lottery ticket after Hurricane Sandy

Dec 30, 2013, 05:57 IST | ANI

A landscape gardener proved to be lucky after he found a million-dollar winning lottery ticket, while picking up grimy leaves on a suburban Long Island street after Hurricane Sandy

Marvin Martinez, 27, saw that all three numbers on the “Win 1000 dollars a Week for Life” scratch card looked like winners.

Martinez said that he tried to verify that he had a winning ticket at a New York Lottery customer service center - but the lottery office had lost its power as a result of Sandy causing havoc.

When the office finally reopened, Martinez explained to them what happened, and three weeks back, he got a call to meet the Lottery officials as no one else had claimed the ticket - and in this case, “finders keepers” applied, News.com.au reported.

Martinez has elected to take a lump-sum payment of 779,106 dollars, which after taxes comes up to 515,612 dollars.

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