Mafia meets dragon

Sep 07, 2011, 09:19 IST | promita Mukherjee

Italy pairs with China at ChaoBella's new Cantonese and Sicilian festival. Go try out the finger-licking food

Italy pairs with China at ChaoBella's new Cantonese and Sicilian festival. Go try out the finger-licking food

What happens when the mafia meets the Chinese dragon? If it was in real life, sparks would fly. A game would ensue on Facebook. But when they meet at your dinner plate, interesting things happen. That's what we figured out at this new Cantonese and Sicilian food festival at Crowne Plaza's Chinese and Italian restaurant ChaoBella.

The restaurant has brought together cuisine from two different corners of the globe Canton (or present day Guangzhou) in China and Sicily in Italy, known worldover as the land of the Mafioso. The d �cor has changed keeping the festival in mind so there are Buddha figurines, Chinese porcelain masks and Sicilian paintings.
There is a lot to choose from since the chefs have put together no less than 52 dishes (like always in Crowne Plaza), including seven desserts. One also gets to choose from a whole host of complimentary rice and noodles. So as usual, the problem of plenty arrives. But the chefs will quickly guide you through the menu.

We opted for Sicilian with a sprinkling of Cantonese. So on our plates came the Sicilian liver pate a creamy pate on thin crostini that is usually had as an antipasto. Cooking in warm milk made it tender and the blend of clarified butter made it quite tasty. That was quickly followed by Cantonese Ngoh Hiang, a traditional Chinese starter which was a mix of prawns, lamb and chicken rolled in soya bean curd sheet. It was quite crunchy.

Up next were soups Cilantro cucumber and cucumber pickle which is only available in canton and Cannelini bean soup with a heady dose of Parmesan. It was rich and creamy and quite filling. The Cantonese soup was light and the pickled cucumbers added zing to it.

For main course, the Sicilian duck with Balsamic jelly sounded (and looked when it arrived) quite tempting. The meat was emerged in oil and fat and cooked on low flame to make it retain the aroma. The meat was good and tender and not oily at all.

Nothing but ice cream could have rounded off a good meal. This time, we played it safe with Orange ice cream with chunks of orange. Nice and cool!

At ChaoBella, Crowne Plaza Today, Community Centre, Okhla Phase 1
Till September 11
Timings 12.30 pm to 3 pm (lunch) & 7.30 pm to midnight (dinner)
Call 4642000
Price Rs 2,500 per person

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