Maharashtra Polls: On Oct 15, 15 years of bad governance will end, says Modi

Oct 10, 2014, 07:32 IST | Varun Singh

Apart from promising to make Mumbai the financial capital of the world and speaking on the Pakistan issue, the PM stuck largely to his pro-development stand in his second assembly poll rally in Mumbai yesterday

In his second appearance in the city yesterday as part of the assembly poll campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stuck largely to the tried-and-tested formula he has been using for all his rallies in Maharashtra, adding a bit of Mumbai and Pakistan in the mix.

PM Modi at the rally at Somaiya ground yesterday. PIC/NIMESH DAVE
PM Modi at the rally at Somaiya ground yesterday. Pic/Nimesh Dave

Starting his speech in Marathi, Modi addressed a packed gathering at the Somaiya ground in Ghatkopar and almost immediately took a dig at those who were criticising the low turnout at his previous rally at Mahalaxmi Racecourse.

“I complained to Maharashtra leaders that when I used to come to Mumbai for my campaigning during the Lok Sabha polls, the crowd used to be half of what it is now,” said the Prime Minister.

On Pawar and Shivaji
Taking a potshot at NCP chief Sharad Pawar and his nephew and former deputy CM Ajit, Modi said, “Chacha, bhatija, no one will stay.

The voice for complete Swaraj was born in Maharashtra and now the voice is for absolute majority. There is also a fight for whom Shivaji Maharaj belongs to, but Shivaji belongs to everyone, to all generations.” Playing the development card, the Prime Minister said, “I have come to Maharashtra to do something.

I now know what’s happening in every nook and corner of India, and I say this with full conviction that without Mumbai and Maharashtra’s progress, the country won’t progress. But you all wasted 15 years, which you all gave to these people who brought down Mahar-ashtra. October 15 is the day to end the bad governance of 15 years.”

Mumbai plan
Outlining what the BJP has in mind for Mumbai, Modi said he wanted the city to have a better Metro and would get the best one if he was given time. He also said that if the city could become the financial capital, the kitty of the country, nothing could stop it from becoming the purse of the world and the BJP would ensure that this happens.

“Mumbai could be made the skill capital as it has people from all over India. I dream, but these are not just dreams, they are part of my vision. India has 500 cities, and based on public-private partnership, I want to implement solid waste management and create wealth from waste. India will be the best destination for tourism.

But people don’t come because they say India is very unclean. Let the message go to the world that India is clean and we will have lots of tourists. And when a tourist comes to India, he will visit Mumbai first, helping it’s economy,” said Modi.

More attacks
Attacking the Congress and political pundits, Modi said, “For Congress, giving an answer to the public was not necessary as they were born in the houses of PMs and CMs, but I have come from a poor house and hence will give answers to the public. They ask me what I have done for inflation.

Haven’t petrol and diesel prices come down?” He also said political analysts had claimed Modi was not known outside Gujarat and the BJP would only get 182 seats. “We got 282 and now the whole world recognises Modi,” said the PM.

On Pakistan
“When Mumbai was attacked, I had said that it was an attack on India. We never made it a political stunt. Now political parties are making statements and asking me to make a statement. It is not Modi who has to answer, but the jawans on the border. They have to answer by pulling the trigger and they are answering,” he said.

No of seats BJP won during the Lok Sabha elections

Highs and lows
>> While attendees were prevented from bringing food and water for ‘security reasons’, Modi sipped water during his speech

>> The stage’s backdrop mentioned the previous venue, Mahalaxmi Racecourse, instead of Somaiya ground

>> Only Mumbai BJP leaders were on the dais, no state leader was present

>> All leaders put special emphasis on cleaning yesterday, after Sena took the credit for cleaning the racecourse after the last rally. Modi made an appeal, and local MLA candidate, Prakash Mehta followed up by ordering party workers to clean up

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