Make In India blaze: Police officials suspect faulty pyrotechnic equipment caused fire

Feb 16, 2016, 07:30 IST | Vijay Kumar Yadav

They have collected samples of the materials used in the pyrotechnics display, which will be sent to the Forensic Lab

The DB Marg police have collected a few fireworks launchers, electrical wires and other materials used in the pyrotechnics display during the performance at Girgaum Chowpatty.

Cops will be checking with the help of experts from the forensic lab, if there was a malfunction in the equipment that caused the fire.

Police said that there were no traditional fireworks used in the event near the stage, only ornamental fireworks were used. A person who is into event management explained that generally there are two types of pyrotechnics used during such shows. In indoor events cold flame pyrotechnics are used, whereas in outdoor events pyrotechnics with inflammable chemicals are used. In Sunday’s incident, the possibility that there was a short circuit that led to a chemical in the pyrotechnics catching fire, cannot be ruled out.

Mumbai police spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner of Police Dhananjay Kulkarni said, “As per procedure we have conducted a panchnama and collected articles from the site to send them to the Forensic Laboratory.” As of now a diary has been made at the DB Marg police station and they are waiting for reports from the Fire Brigade department.

Cops to the rescue
The Maharashtra Rajani fire incident could have taken an ugly turn, had the police not acted promptly and immediately moved the 7-8 generator vans which were stationed adjacent to the stage for supplying power. Some performers and onlookers helped the police move the vans.

A police officer said that they will also check the CCTV cameras which were installed at the location by them and other agencies, to check if any of them captured how exactly the fire broke out.

“The CCTVs are generally installed to spot any suspicious movements or activities. In Sunday’s incident, the fire broke out under the stage. There are few chances that a camera might have captured that place,” said the officer.

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