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Published: 01 November, 2011 06:36 IST | Surekha S |

Sign up for Bindu Maira's workshop on crystal healing to discover all that you need to know about crystals and its intriguing healing powers

Sign up for Bindu Maira's workshop on crystal healing to discover all that you need to know about crystals and its intriguing healing powers

"Crystals are nothing but rocks and minerals formed millions of years ago on the earth, with amazing healing powers," informs Bindu Maira, Delhi-based tarot reader and crystal healer who has been helping people to use crystal healing techniques for eight years.

Quiz her about whether people have benefited from it and pat comes her reply, "Absolutely. There's nothing that cannot be helped with crystal healing." Maira is conducting a two-day workshop at the Gallery Beyond, in which she hopes to teach people the art of crystal healing, which they can use to benefit themselves and others.

The power of stones
"We have a flow of energy within us and whenever there is a block in that flow of energy, disease emerges," says Maira in an attempt to explain how crystal healing works. "Crystals work through colours, resonance and vibrations. They can pick up negative energy, channelise positive energy and change the entire frequency of your energy field," she explains. Thus it can help not just mental or emotional problems but even physical ailments. "Every disease is psycho-somatic and thus can be helped by the crystals," she adds.

They are not 100% effective, she admits, but even if they don't cure, most of the time they help to a large extent. Vibhu Kapoor, the owner of Gallery Beyond believes in the power of crystals. "My son was in a car accident in Atlanta in the US. He had serious bone-related injuries and had to take two morphines a day. After using crystals, his progress was amazing. Even his physiotherapist was shocked at how he healed so well," shares Kapoor.

Heal, help
The workshop will teach participants how to use crystals effectively, how to cleanse them and charge them. There are hundreds of different crystals and each holds unique benefits. Maira will give participants a comprehensive list of crystals and their benefits. They will be taught about the placement and positioning of the crystals. Crystal healing can be done by placing them in different areas of one's room, the body or even holding it in one's hands for a while, everyday.

"After the two-day session, they will be in a position to practice crystal healing," claims a confident Maira. So, if mystic stones intrigue you, sign up for this workshop. Also in case you've missed out on the first day, you can enroll for the second day, as well.

On: November 1 and 2
At: Gallery Beyond, 130/132, First Floor, Great Western Building, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Fort.
Call:  22837345 / 09811236512

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