Malegaon Ka Spiderman set to reach new heights

Aug 05, 2012, 07:53 IST | Subhash K Jha

The spin-off will feature an obese, lazy superhero who's suddenly needed to save the world

Malegaon, the den of derivative Bollywood films that has given us spin-offs of everything from Sholay to Superman, is on to the next big thing. Malegaon is now the venue for shooting a spin-off on Spiderman called Malegaon Ka Spiderman. The film will be directed by Shaikh Nazir.

Interestingly, Malegaon Ka Spiderman is played by a man named Safiq Khan who weighs 109 kgs.

But why an obese Spiderman?
Producer Sunil Bohra explains, “In our version of the superhero story , Spiderman is an obese man and the twin brother of Superman. All these years Superman did all the superhero work while Spiderman had no choice but to stay at home, eat and get fat. Now, Superman is forced to retire and Spiderman takes over.”

One schedule of Malegaon Ka Spiderman is done.

“We hope to release by year-end,” promises Bohra.

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