Man dressed as 'Batman' abseils down building to propose to girlfriend

Jul 16, 2013, 13:22 IST | ANI

A woman got the surprise of her life when her romantic beau abseiled from the historic Guildhall building in a Batman costume and then popped the question to her as she was out shopping

Puzzled passers-by looked on as Ross Chilcott, 29, nabbed his two friends, who were pretending to be crooks, in Cambridge city centre, then took a diamond ring from one of them and gave it to Amber Clarke, the Sun reported.

Clarke, 28, accepted his marriage offer as a band, which had been particularly hired by Chilcott for the occasion, played out the Batman TV theme.

Chilcott, who is an abseiling instructor by profession, said that his girlfriend likes Batman and she loves seeing him embarrass himself, so he knew she’d love it.

Meanwhile, Clarke, a trainee accountant asserted that she was very surprised and couldn’t believe it. 

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