Man finds rotten tooth in yoghurt

Published: Nov 29, 2011, 08:31 IST | Agencies |

British Army veteran David Casey was appalled when he tucked into his flavoured yoghurt only to find a rotten molar

British Army veteran David Casey was appalled when he tucked into his flavoured yoghurt only to find a rotten molar

A 43-year-old man was thoroughly enjoying the yoghurt he'd bought from his local supermarket as he watched TV.

But David Casey, the Army veteran was surprised to come across an unexpected crunch.

Disgusting: David Casey says that Tesco agreed to refund him for the
tooth and also was ready to give him a voucher but he was insulted at
their insensitivity.

He spat the object into his hand, and was appalled to discover that it was a human tooth, a large yellow molar, complete with a filling.

Scabby molar
Casey, from Bedworth in Warwickshire, said, "I bit down on what I thought was a piece of fudge. Straight away when I saw it, it looked like a tooth -- it even had fillings as well." He added, "It was the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten in my life."

Father-of-one Casey, says he put the tooth in a sandwich bag and drove to the Tesco store where he had bought it to complain. But they only offered to refund what he paid for the yoghurt.

Casey said, "Tesco refunded me the money for the yoghurt and said they would send it back for further analysis. They've said sorry for the inconvenience but it's not inconvenient -- it's disgusting."

"It could have someone's scabby tooth in my stomach right now and that would not have been nice."

Added insult
Tesco twice sent Casey a �15 (Rs 1,215 ) voucher as an apology but he refused to accept it, branding it 'an insult'.

The lorry driver, who served as a corporal in the Royal Infantry in Kosovo, says he picked up the yoghurt from a Coventry branch of the supermarket on September 24.

He had also just completed a gruelling course of chemotherapy for a stomach tumour.

"I've had to stay overnight in hospital when they thought I was coming down with something because my immune system is down," he said.

"To have someone else's tooth in me right now would be the worst thing in the world to have going on. If the tooth had been infected I could have gone down with something life-threatening. Tesco doesn't seem to care about it at all. They've offered me vouchers but I wouldn't shop there again if you paid me."

Tesco yesterday confirmed they were investigating the incident. A spokesman said, "We take matters of this kind very seriously and we are looking into it."

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