Man proposes to girlfriend, pet frog eats ring

Jul 29, 2014, 06:24 IST | Agencies

A man’s pet nearly ruined his future wedding after it ate the engagement ring

Russia: Roman Livane was clearing out Croak’s glass aquarium when he asked his girlfriend Kristina to look after him.
Kristina was playing with her engagement ring when she dropped it on the floor, and the frog snapped it out of the air and swallowed it.


Roman said: “I have had him for almost 10 years —he’s like part of the family.” “My girlfriend Kristina is the only girlfriend I have ever had that also likes frogs, so we are a perfect partnership. But things got a bit strained when I asked her to look after him.”

Worried about the ring (and the frog, obviously), the couple rushed him to the vet in Yekaterinburg. Veterinarian Julia Malyshev said: “I was sceptical about whether or not it was some sort of a practical joke but when I x-rayed it, sure enough there was the engagement ring complete with stone in the frog’s stomach.”

The ring was too big to pass out of the frog “the natural way” so Julia had to devise a special hook to pull it out.
She added: “Although it did not involve any surgery the frog has had to go on a diet now for three days to make sure there is no lasting damage from the tricky procedure.”

After being washed, the ring was returned to Kristina and the couple are now pushing ahead with their wedding plans. 

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