Man still at large after abducting pregnant daughter

May 30, 2013, 09:53 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Startling video of abduction shows several people, including key accused Sadruddin Khan, forcibly taking away Salma the victim from her husband's home

Three days after the incident, the Bandra police has no clue as to the whereabouts of a 27-year-old pregnant woman, who was allegedly abducted by her own father from her husband’s residence on Monday. MiD DAY has in its possession an astonishing video of the kidnapping in progress.

Saif and Salma Batliwala
Saif and Salma Batliwala

In the footage, several people are seen forcibly taking away Salma, the victim, from the building. The man in white has been identified as Sadruddin Khan the woman’s father by Salma’s husband Saif Batliwala.

The video was recorded by Saif’s sister Khuda, who is a prime witness in the case. Cops said the video is a critical piece of evidence against Sadruddin. Saif was not at home at the time of the kidnapping. In the video, Sadruddin can be heard telling Salma, ‘I am your father, and I won’t hurt you’.

MiD DAY had reported on May 28 (‘Oil kingpin kidnaps pregnant daughter from spouse’s home’) how the previous afternoon Sadruddin and a few aides had stormed into Saif’s house and abducted Salma. Cops said the car used in the kidnapping was traced to Sion during nakabandi. Several people were detained but let off owing to lack of evidence.

The video grabs shot using a mobile phone show Salma being forcibly taken away by her father Sadruddinn Khan (in white) and his aides in a car that was later found in Sion. Shazia, Saif’s second wife, was arrested for playing a role in the kidnapping

Importantly, cops have arrested Saif’s second wife Shazia (also seen in the video) from her residence in Sion. API Nandkumar Gaikwad from Bandra police station confirmed, “We have arrested Shazia in the kidnapping case.

Till now we don’t have any leads and are further investigating the matter.” The police have alerted airports across the country, to stop Sadruddin from fleeing with his daughter. On Tuesday, cops traced the accused’s location to UP, but the next day it was Maharashtra.

Money matters
A source from Bandra police station said that Sadruddin was not happy with his daughter’s marriage to Saif. He thought Saif was eyeing his property worth several crores, and his suspicions never allowed him to accept the latter as a son-in-law. Speaking on the issue, Saif told MiD DAY, “I just want my wife back. I am settled in life and am not after her money.”

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