Man walks into a bank, only to poo

Jul 02, 2014, 06:50 IST | Agencies

Middle-aged man made his special deposits with ‘calm but angry look’

Andover: A man walked into a branch of Barclays bank and defecated several times on the floor. The staff shut the branch in Andover, Hants, in England while the mess was cleaned up.

Customer Garreth McCarthy said: “I was just queueing up, there were about a dozen customers there, and this guy
walked in.

“He looked pretty well-to-do. He was a middle-aged man, in his 40s, wearing shorts and trainers, and he had a bald head.

“He was just calmly walking around the bank —going to all the areas he could. And then, as calmly as he walked in, he left.”

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