Marathi theatre gets a new stage

Jan 14, 2013, 07:48 IST | Surekha S

Starting this month, NCPA will feature one Marathi play every month, as part of the new initiative � Marathi Vishesh, which aims to encourage Marathi experimental theatre

It’s a good time for Marathi theatre lovers in the city. A new initiative, Marathi Vishesh, will begin at the NCPA this month with the staging of a popular play by Vijay Tendulkar, which is being revived after 55 years.

The play, titled Madhlya Bhinti (Middle Wall), is based on the life of a middle-class family and is being presented by Awishkar Productions, this Thursday at the NCPA.

Last year, NCPA also hosted a Lavani festival to give a boost to Marathi performing arts. Pic/ Atul Kamble

With this play, begins a series where every month will witness the staging of a Marathi play at the NCPA with the aim of promoting and encouraging Marathi theatre.

A still from the play, Madhlya Bhinti

Madhlya Bhinti, written by Vijay Tendulkar in 1958, will be a treat for Marathi theatre lovers, feels Arun Kakade, who has produced the new version of the play. “It is a different play as Vijay Tendulkar was known for his plays on sex and violence.

This one is a family drama,” says 81-year-old Kakade, who has been in the field of theatre since the last 42 years. The story revolved around a middle-class family, which has difficulty making ends meet. The father and the eldest son are the earning members of the family, and the mother is insistent that the eldest son marries a rich girl. But he goes ahead and marries a girl from a simple background who he falls in love with and there is turmoil in the family. The father dies unable to bear the tension. “The play explores the relationships between the mother, father and sons,” says Kakade.

Marathi Vishesh is an excellent platform to encourage Marathi theatre, feels Kakade. “There are hardly any platforms for Marathi theatre in South Mumbai, so this is a welcome move,” he believes. “After Pritibimb and Centrestage, both of which featured Marathi theatre productions, this will surely give a further boost to Marathi theatre,” he asserts.

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