Maulvi arrested for sodomising student in Kalwa

Aug 10, 2012, 06:32 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The accused was the victim's teacher and allegedly sexually assaulted him inside the madrasa where both lived

Rabodi police have arrested a 24-year old preacher, who allegedly sodomised a student inside a madrasa at Kalwa. Though the complaint has reached Childline in Kalyan, the victim’s mother has refused to pursue the matter, saying it would defile her son’s future.

The accused, Mohammad Farooq Abdul Sheikh (25), was teaching at a madrasa near Kranti Nagar, Kalwa for the past one month. The victim and his uncle were also staying at the school. The boy’s mother lives in an adjacent locality, while his father works in Gujarat.

According to Manohar Patil of Rabodi police station, on July 25, Sheikh approached the boy when he was sleeping and no one was present in the madrasa.

He then sodomised the victim and threatened him of dire consequences if he spoke about the episode to anybody. However, the boy’s uncle came to know about the incident and he informed the trust members about it.

The trustees assured the victim’s uncle that they would purse the complaint post Ramzan.

Truth comes out
Meanwhile, the boy started experiencing pain in his private parts. He was shifted to his home. When the victim’s mother confronted him, he disclosed everything to her. The mother then approached Rabodi police station and registered a complaint.

Cops have arrested Sheikh and he has been sent to police custody. He was charged under Section 377 (unnatural offences) of the Indian Penal Code.

Pappu Bhai, a trustee of the madrasa, said, “It is a very sordid incident. I personally investigated the matter and helped the police arrest the accused. We will support the victim in every possible way.”

The boy’s mother, however, alleged that the trust authorities tried to resolve the matter internally, before she got a police complaint registered. However, the trustees have rejected these charges.

The local police approached Childline. Some representatives were also sent to inquire about the incident, but the boy’s mother refused to cooperate. “She is now planning to relocate her son to her hometown,” said a Childline member on condition of anonymity.  

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