Max Mueller Bhavan announces free e-Library

Mar 26, 2014, 11:34 IST | The GUIDE Team

Invaluable German titles go the digital way as Max Mueller Bhavan announces e-versions of German literature at free of cost till a year  

The library at Mumbai’s Max Mueller Bhavan (MMB) has gone online. Now one can read German titles round the clock on all kinds of digital devices. The library had undertaken the transition nationally. Ute Reimer-Boehner, head of library, New Delhi explains why the move had become necessary, “E-books and other digital media have been becoming more and more popular and by now nearly every German public library is offering them on loan. With e-media one is able to reach readers beyond the cities with an MMB and its library. One saves the readers the trouble of having to come to a physical location.”

For English readers too, a few books are available but the treasure lies in the German language. From Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to Günter Grass, Reimer-Boehner assures that a variety of literature is available on the website. “There is German contemporary literature and non-fiction. Some material on German as a foreign language is open to the public too,” she says. Audio files and a small number of videos are uploaded on the website as well.

Portrait of famous writer, JWV Goethe by artist, Andy Warhol. pic courtesy/afp 

As of now, the library is free of cost and efforts are being made to make translated literature part of the oeuvre also.


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