Medical team at Mumbai airport averts fatality

Mar 12, 2013, 11:56 IST | A correspondent

A 76-year-old passenger aboard a Go Air flight suffered a heart attack shortly after takeoff from Delhi airport.

The passenger, Mr Dilip Ghosh accompanied by his wife and daughter, was on the flight back from Delhi after his cardiac surgery, which was not intimated to the airline. Although in case of a heart surgery, the patient is asked to take complete bed rest and is allowed to travel only after four weeks and with the special guidance of the doctor.

Shortly after the flight took off, Mr Ghosh went breathless. A broadcast over the PA system was made requesting for medical assistance on board and simultaneously Mumbai airport was informed for medical emergency. A fellow passenger, reportedly a doctor, took care of him during the flight. 

On ground, medical support was made available as soon as the aircraft touched the Mumbai airport. The medical team of Mumbai airport gave him the essential medical treatment and transported the passenger to the Nanavati hospital.

He is now reported conscious and will be taken for an open-heart surgery soon.  

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