Men take 'stag nights' more seriously than women do hen parties

May 07, 2013, 08:59 IST | ANI

Men are more rational than women when it comes to preparing for stag or hen nights, a new research has revealed

The study conducted by, found that, on preparing to attend the event, 31 per cent more men than women fell into the “sensible” category, the Scotsman reported.

According to the research, that studied ‘hen and stag spending habits’, nearly a third of young men said that they planned a budget and stuck to it, compared to one-in-five women.

Sex and relationships, Men take 'stag nights' more seriously than women do hen parties
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The study found that one in seven men said they felt stag parties had become too long, expensive and involved in recent years, while a third admitted following rigid saving plans to attend, compared to nine per cent of women.

Chris Perrett, of the website said that this is the kind of careful organisation they would associate more with the female population, but there’s clearly no accounting for the motivational power of stag dos.

He revealed that three-quarters of male participants admitted to prioritising the stag over the wedding in terms of spending.

“This research re-affirms what we’ve suspected: bachelor parties are serious business for the men of Britain,” Perrett added.  

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