Meter room short circuit blaze claims 3

May 03, 2013, 06:35 IST | Sujith Sudhakaran and Tanvi Shinde

The fire started around 1.30 am and the flames spread to the fourth floor of the building; five persons who were injured have been admitted to National Burns Centre and are said to be critical

A blaze in the six-storey Vaithy apartments in Mulund claimed three lives and injured six in the wee hours of Thursday. According to sources, the fire was the result of a short circuit in the meter room on the ground floor of the apartment.

The charred wires hanging in front of a list of names of residents following the blaze in the meter room that sparked the fire at (inset) Vaithy apartments, Mulund

As the fire spread up to the fourth floor, the resultant chaos separated family members as some people decided to head to the terrace, while others rushed to the back door at the ground floor to escape the flames and smoke. Ambulance and fire brigade reached the spot 15 minutes after the building caught fire.

Vasanth and Varsha Pasad succumbed to injuries when they slipped on the stairs while trying to escape the blaze

Battling the blaze
Vasanth Pasad (63) and Varsha Pasad (60) lived with their son Nirav (30) and daughter-in-law Avani on the third floor of the ill-fated building. To escape the blaze, Vasanth and Varsha headed to the ground floor but slipped on the stairs and succumbed to their injuries. On the other hand, Avani rushed to the terrace and was saved in the process.

Another resident, Hemlata Cheda, who lived on the fourth floor with her husband, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter (4), also lost her life while trying to escape through the back door. The other family members were injured in the blaze and were taken to the National Burns Centre, Airoli. Their condition is said to be critical.

“A 4-year-old girl, Heer Cheda, is suffering from 30% burns, Nisha Cheda, is suffering from 45% burns and Biral Cheda is suffering from 20% burns. Another resident Jyothi Jadhav is suffering from 65% burns and six-year-old Arnav Karande is suffering from 20% burns,” said Dr Keswani of National Burns Centre. On the other hand, Nirav was taken to Fortis Hospital for treatment. Those who succumbed to their injuries were taken to Fortis Hospital, Mulund, where they were declared dead. The bodies were sent to Rajawadi hospital for post mortem.

Hot spot
“The fire began from the ground floor. Those residing on the ground and first floors managed to escape through the back door and some went up to the terrace to keep away from the flames. We called the fire brigade and ambulance who arrived soon,” said Amar Pathak, a resident of Vaithy apartment. “The wires of the building are very old and are the main reason for the fire,” said Rahul Barve, another resident of Vaithy apartment. “There was smoke all over. The rescue and cooling took almost two to three hours,” said a fire brigade official.

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