Metro accident victim accuses hospital of neglect

Sep 10, 2012, 06:50 IST | Naveen Nair

Pedestrian injured in the incident is alleging that hospital authorities, under pressure from metro authorities, are trying to get her discharged from the hospital

Sahar resident Rashmi More (40), who is undergoing treatment at Seven Hills hospital, Marol, after she was hurt in the metro slab collapse, is claiming that hospital authorities are not attending to her injury. 

Rashmi More
Ill‘Treated’? Rashmi More’s daughter claimed that her mother was being neglected by the hospital authorities, and were eager to send her home even though they know she hasn’t made full recovery yet

Rashmi and her daughter allege that over the past couple of days, the hospital is trying to get her discharged due to pressure from metro authorities.

Seven Hills officials deny these allegations and state that she will be discharged only after she has completely recovered. The MMOPL spokesperson, however, has expressed ignorance that a pedestrian was injured in the incident that took place on Tuesday.

“For the past 4 days, the staff at the hospital want to discharge me despite me repeatedly informing them that I have not completely recovered from the injury. I had very high temperature and experienced breathlessness on Saturday night, but no hospital staff was bothered about my condition,” said Rashmi. “I also have a back pain, which is causing me discomfort when I try to sit up straight. The hospital management under pressure from metro officials is trying to get rid of me from here.”

Shweta More, Rashmi’s daughter, said, “My mother is being neglected by the hospital and they just want to send her home. She is complaining of back pain and is yet to completely recover from her leg injury. But the doctor says that she would gradually recover once she is discharged.”

Hospital says
Dr Bhuvan D, assistant general manager (Operations), Seven Hills, had on Wednesday stated that Rashmi had injured her soft tissue in the ankle joint.

When contacted about the allegations, he said “Rashmi has been shifted out of the ICU to a general ward and is being monitored by our doctor. Our orthopaedic doctor will make sure that the patient has completely recovered before issuing a discharge order. Regarding her complaints of a back pain we are referring her to another doctor at our hospital who will look into the matter. The hospital management would never come under any pressure and neglect the wellbeing of a patient.”

MMOPL ‘unaware’
“We are not aware of this particular patient; she has never approached us. Also, no information has reached us regarding this matter. However, we will definitely look into the matter. We have extended and will continue to extend all possible assistance to all affected persons,” said the MMOPL spokesperson.  

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