Metro to be secured with hi-tech CCTV cams

Jul 26, 2013, 01:22 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

MMOPL is installing world's most advanced video transmission system -- VTS Firetide 7010 -- in its trains; spokesperson claims it will give authorities an upper hand in controlling crime, illegal activities in trains

In its bid to ensure that commuters -- especially female passengers -- have a safe journey, the Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) has started installing advanced CCTV cameras in the metro trains.

For a safe journey: Metro train compartments are being fitted with hi-tech CCTV cameras that will transmit real-time footage to monitoring officials at a central control room. file pic

An MMOPL spokesperson said, “For the safety and security of commuters, Mumbai Metro One is installing the world’s most advanced video transmission system -- VTS Firetide 7010 -- in its trains. Of all cities, this will be the only metro line in the country to have the advanced technology.” 

The new system would be connected with a central control room ( CCR), continuously monitored by the metro officials. The system would be able to transmit live video to CCR at the depot through surveillance cameras installed in the train compartments, helping the monitoring officials to scrutinise the happenings inside the moving train on a big screen.

“When the train is running, metro officials will be able to track every suspicious movement that would be happening inside the train and record them for future purposes as well,” the spokesperson said. “The surveillance camera and radio sets inside the pilot’s cabin will send signals to the CCR through fibre optic cables. This will help the operating teams control illegal and anti-social activities, harassment of female passengers or any terror-related activities that might be happening in moving trains.”

Authorities believe that the live telecast will enhance control over the malpractices committed by commuters such as defacing compartments while the train is in motion. The system would alert the operational teams, including metro pilots, during emergencies such as fire and bad weather conditions among others, enabling them to initiate quick action to control the exigencies.

With trial runs underway, the MMOPL is testing all its safety systems -- signalling and communications. “Commuter safety is our priority. Setting up advanced VTS is a step in that direction. With the help of the latest technology, we will be able to effectively handle any untoward incidences that may happen inside a moving train. We will keep installing such equipment in our trains, which will enhance travelling experience,” the spokesperson said.  

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