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Jun 08, 2017, 21:33 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

For the past few weeks designer Maheka Mirpuri has been in Miami with her husband, on their annual summer break visiting his aunt

Maheka Mirpuri doing yoga by the bay

For the past few weeks designer Maheka Mirpuri has been in Miami with her husband, on their annual summer break visiting his aunt.

"Miami is so multifaceted -- each year we discover new things. Hiring jet skis, swimming in the sea, or doing an activity. The energy here is very athletic with people being very sporty and vivacious," she says.

One of Mirpuri's best experiences, she says, has been a sunset yoga class by the bay, "The whole experience of doing sun salutations at the beach was simply awesome -- breathing the pure air is so rejuvenating. People had got their pets along too – it's a very pet friendly city."

But of course, a fashionista doesn't live by yoga and fresh air alone, and Mirpuri is equally enthusiastic about the city's vibrant fashion scene. "The shopping here is awesome. My favourite is The Design District and the Bal Harbour. Dressing here is a combination of bohemian yet very fashionable. Lots of cotton dresses, big sleeves, bright prints in a riot of colours. People are mostly in shorts and I see lots of the off shoulder trend, and embroidery is everywhere."

Not so accidental?

Ever since news came in of our friend and former editor Dr Sanjaya Baru's best seller, 'The Accidental Prime Minister' an account of his years as Press Secretary to former PM Dr Manmohan Singh being made into a movie, the Delhi-based author and policy wonk has been inundated with congratulations from a legion of his friends and colleagues. Be that as it may, the Bollywood grapevine has been buzzing with an altogether different issue: the fact that actor Anupam Kher, who is married to BJP MP Kirron Kher and celebrated for his right wing, pro-BJP views is essaying the role of the beleaguered PM.

“To the common man it may seem like another biopic based on a book, but the film in fact has a smart political agenda,” says an industry source, adding, “Its release has been strategically timed for end-2018, exactly before the next national elections. And it may serve its purpose of decimating the floundering political party, which the former PM represents, by showing it in a poor light. And we won't be surprised if Kher does such a good job of it, that he lands himself a juicy rank in the political scenario after it's release!”
For the uninitiated, the book the film is based on was largely sympathetic to Singh blaming his perceived failures to his undermined position courtesy the Gandhis.

Baby you can drive my car
This confirms what we've always suspected. That when it comes to real high-rolling, it's not the usual suspects on the billionaire lists who indulge in epic conspicuous consumption, but their far (relatively), less wealthy arriviste cousins down the line, who break all records of spending. 

Word comes in that this Mumbai-based high-rolling builder, who has had a run in with regulatory authorities not too long ago, was gifted a Lamborghini by an international credit card company recently. The reason? The said builder had topped last year's list of the highest spending on his black card by a long shot, thus making the head honchos of the card company extremely wealthy and extremely grateful, because with an average Lamborghini going for between R3-5.50 crore a pop, you can imagine just how much the builder had spent!

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