Misbah Quadri tenancy case: Agreement copy has a male tenant

May 31, 2015, 13:45 IST | Varun Singh

Original agreement had one male and two female names; Misbah Quadri says that her name was to be included in a fresh leave and licence agreement with broker after deleting name of male tenant

After Misbah Quadri claimed that she was thrown out of a rented flat in Wadala because she is a Muslim, the 25-year-old’s case made headlines across the country.

Now it appears that flat number 1002, on the 10th floor of Sanghvi Heights in Wadala, which Misbah Quadri had alleged she was asked to evict, had an agreement signed by three people, including a male, named Rishi R.

Misbah Quadri
Misbah Quadri

Misbah claimed that she was going to replace Rishi, but the letter sent across by the broker states that all three existing tenants had written to the owner Mitra on April 18, saying that they wished to terminate the agreement. The letter (sunday mid-day has a copy) reads, "This is to inform you that we will be terminating our rent agreement as per clause 1 of the leave and licence agreement. As stated, this is our 30-day notice, which means we will be vacating the premises on May 18, 2015. As stated, our security deposit of R1 lakh will be returned upon inspection of the premises, after our possessions have been removed, and all dues have been given (rent until said date and electricity bill)."

In a letter to Wadala police station dated April 16, Bansal says, "I am a property broker. I have given flat number 1002, Sanghvi Heights, Wadala East, belonging to Saurabh Mitra, on leave and licence agreement to Rishi, Radhika, Maitri for which I had done leave and licence agreement registration and obtained police intimation. I came to know that Misbah is also staying in the flat without leave and licence agreement registration, without builder’s No Objection Certificate and without police intimation. Despite communicating the above that staying without proper documents is illegal, Ms Misbah is staying in flat 1002, Sanghvi Heights, posing as guest quoted by Maitri and Radhika. Please help us and take necessary required action." The letter has been signed by Bansal and has the seal and signature of Wadala police station.

The building, Sanghvi Heights in Wadala (East), is still not completely ready. Three floors are yet to be added, and hence a society has not been formed yet
The building, Sanghvi Heights in Wadala (East)

Misbah said, "Let me clarify this — there were three people staying in the apartment, Radhika, Maitri and Rishi. All three were friends and they were staying in the flat. I was to take Rishi’s place and my name was to be added to the agreement instead of his. When I came in, he moved out." Misbah also says that the police never contacted her.

Repeated calls to Rishi, Radhika and Maitri went unanswered. Kiran Chavan, deputy commissioner of police (Port zone), said, "We had received the letter on April 16 from the broker, and it had the names of all the three tenants, including the male tenant. The letter also included the part stating that Misbah is staying there. We called all the three tenants recently, but they didn’t turn up."

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