Model held in hit-and-run accident

Oct 07, 2013, 00:55 IST | Shiva Devnath

Police arrest Amir Hanif Vora for ramming his car into six pedestrians on Sept 29 at Link Road in Malad (West) and fleeing

A 32-year-old small time model and TV actor was arrested on Saturday for ramming his car into six pedestrians, including a woman and child, and then fleeing the spot.

Tracked down: A week after the incident, the vehicle was traced to Vora’s second home in Malad

Police identified the driver of the black Honda Accord as Amir Hanif Vora, a resident of Malad (East). The hit-and-run accident took place near Kachpada, Link Road, Malad (West) in the early hours of September 29, when Vora lost control of his speeding vehicle and rammed it into the pedestrians, before hitting a divider, the impact of which shattered his front windscreen.

But instead of stopping and reporting the matter to the police, Vora reversed his vehicle and fled from the spot.

Out of the six injured, the lady and her child sustained major injuries, while the remaining suffered minor injuries.

Tracking him down
Due to the impact, the number plate of the car fell on the road. Cops who were called to the spot collected the number plate. They approached the RTO, and after securing the registration details, they got to know that it was registered with a Bandra-based firm.

A police team visited the company, but learnt that the car was sold to a car dealer in Bhayandar.

Police said that Vora did not transfer the car to his name, and hence it proved difficult to trace him. They, however, managed to track down the car dealer who sold Vora the car nine months ago. He directed the cops to Vora’s residence in Goregaon (West). When cops visited the building, there was no trace of Vora or the car and after a enquiries, they managed to get the address of Vora’s second residence, which is in Malad (East).

Located, at last
Police arrived at this building society, and a search in the parking area of the premises led to the discovery of the car. Police said the car was covered with a tarpaulin sheet, and when they pulled back the sheet they saw the black coloured Honda Accord with the missing number plate and cracked wind screen.

“The accused was arrested from his residence in Malad (East). Investigations are ongoing,” said R Bagul, senior inspector of Bangur Nagar police station.  

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