Molester doctor transferred for 20th time

Jul 23, 2013, 01:18 IST | Shiva Devnath

Dr Virendra Khatale transferred to a Santacruz hospital from Malad after a female patient accused him of molesting her; Khatale has been transferred 19 times for his alleged misbehaviour with women

Adding to the growing list of molestation of female patients by doctors in hospitals across the country, a 55-year-old doctor at a civic hospital in Malad was transferred to another hospital by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) after he received a written compliant from the victim, whom the doctor allegedly molested in the hospital.

According to the victim, the 35-year-old woman was admitted to S K Patil hospital on Friday for treatment. Dr Virendra Khatale, who was on night duty on Saturday, attended to her.

The victim claimed that during the check up, Khatale intentionally touched her private parts and threatened her when she disapproved of his disgusting behaviour. Later, she narrated the entire incident to a nurse.

The victim was asked to lodge a complaint with the CMO, because it is was not for the first time that such allegations were levelled against Khatale. Based on the complaint received from the victim and the hospital, CMO Dr Pralay Fudkar was transferred Khatale to V N Desai hospital in Santacruz (E) with immediate effect.
Khatale has been transferred 19 times in the past for his alleged misbehaviour with female patients.

Fudkar said, “We had received a complaint against Dr Khatale in writing from the patient claiming that he molested her. We refrained from filing an FIR, as it would have tarnished the hospital’s image. It is true that he was transferred 19 times for doing such kind of things at various hospitals.”  

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