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Jul 02, 2013, 09:47 IST | Dhara Vora

Pregnant mums across the world have closely followed every move and public appearance of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge during her pregnancy. The royal, who is due this month, might have an army to make her look and feel like a million bucks but it isn't an easy ride for many in today's hectic urban lifestyles. City gynaecologist Dr Kiran Coelho shares handy tips with Dhara Vora to help pregnant mums look and feel great

General care>>
Morning sickness, nausea or vomiting might be common in the first trimester, but the Duchess suffered from an extreme form of it which needed medical attention. “During the first three months, there is no need to drink extra milk or overeat, thereby keeping nausea under check. Also, these are formative months of the baby’s organs so one has to take care about what you eat. All medication should only be taken after doctor’s consultation. Drinking and smoking is a no-no throughout pregnancy and one should avoid passive smoking too,” informs Coelho. She adds that alcohol consumption might lead to Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome, which results in mental and physical defects in the foetus.

Coronation Queen Elizabeth II
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives for a service of celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of the Coronation Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on June 4, 2013 in London, England. Pic/Getty

Personal care>>
It it is safe to go for facial massage, waxing and bleaching during pregnancy. But one should avoid hair dyes as the chances of it crossing the placental border and reaching the baby.

Diet plan>>
“During the second trimester, to avoid constipation, one should include more of fibre in the diet. Due to the baby’s weight, the digestion pattern gets altered. Adding greens to your diet will also help prevent hemorrhoids,” explains Coelho. Women are generally advised to eat for two; the diet should be carefully planned to avoid piling unwanted kilos. “Women should not have too much of sweets as the placental hormone produced during pregnancy is anti-insulin and this makes you prone to diabetes. One should also avoid eating fried food and street food to avoid indigestion and stomach infections,” says Coelho.

Fabric truths >>
Cotton garments help your skin breathe and with Mumbai’s humidity, they are the best bet. “Wear loose cotton clothes and only cotton undergarments, since your first trimester itself,” says Coelho.

Foot care>>
While celebrities love their heels even during pregnancy (the Duchess even managed to get her heel stuck in a grill during one appearance), Dr Coelho advises against it. “Pregnant women are already prone to backaches, so it is best to avoid wearing high heels. One should also avoid climbing too many stairs or lifting heavy weights. The extra pressure on your body might lead the waterbag to burst or the cord to wrap around the baby,” warns Coelho. Also, there are chances of women forming varicose veins.

Also remember to...
>> Drink six to eight glasses of water everyday.
>> One should stick to minimal intercourse, especially during the first trimester.
>> Attend joint pre-natal classes for yoga, meditation and as a general preparation to learn about pregnancy.
>> Maintain good vaginal hygiene.
>> One should avoid travelling on bumpy roads or by autorickshaws. Don’t travel by air after 32 weeks into the pregnancy.
>> Women can work till their due date, if the job isn’t strenuous. Coelho says it’s good to engage in physical activity during pregnancy.
>> Avoid exposure to any sort of radiation. Continue your use of sunscreens (after consulting your doctor) to protect your skin.

Information courtesy: Dr Kiran Coelho, HOD of Gynaecology, Lilavati Hospital and Khar Hinduja Hospital.  

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