More than 300 teachers needed in schools across Mumbai

Jul 07, 2013, 07:58 IST | Kranti Vibhute

At least 320 teachers' posts lie vacant in aided schools in South and North zones in city as government refuses to provide NOCs after 2011 Nanded census

Just two days after it came to light that Byculla-based Antonio De Souza School asked its students to pay for two middle school teachers’ salaries, SUNDAY MiD DAY has found more than 300 teachers posts lie vacant in aided schools.

Schools say they can appoint teachers only when the government revokes the ban on issuing NOCs. File Photo

Education officers of South and North zones have claimed that many of their schools have no teachers for English, Mathematics, Science and other subjects since last year. The schools could not appoint the teachers on a permanent basis because the government does not issue No Objection Certificates (NOC) since 2011.

The move was prompted after the education department carried out a census that year to ascertain the number of students in all Nanded schools. They found that many schools had hiked their numbers on paper to acquire additional funds from the government. Many schools had to be shut down, which created a surplus of teachers.

TM Dongre, education officer, North zone, said, “There are at least 200 teachers’ posts vacant in schools in the North zone. After the 2011 census incident, the government has stopped giving NOCs to schools to appoint teachers. But our schools’ managements have arranged teachers on a temporary basis.”

Echoing Dongre’s views, an official from South zone education department, on condition of anonymity, said, “In our zone, we have more than 120 teachers’ posts vacant in aided schools. All schools are waiting to acquire the government’s NOC. Once the ban is revoked, they will be able to appoint teachers.”

Sabina Zaveri, principal of a South Mumbai-based School and Convenor of South Mumbai Schools, said, “Most of the schools don’t have the requisite number of teachers. The school management pays the teachers they hire on a temporary basis. We are tired of telling the education department to revoke the ban on the NOC.” 

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