Most Indian office-goers take relationship advice from co-workers: Study

Jul 09, 2014, 09:48 IST | Ruchika Kher

Most working folk would like to keep their professional and personal lives at a distance, but a new survey by professional network LinkedIn concludes otherwise, where in India, 50.40% people prefer to get relationship advice from their colleagues

First in mid-dayYesterday, business-oriented social networking service, LinkedIn released Relationships@Work, a survey that highlights insightful data on how professionals in India maintain and perceive their work relationships. The survey also draws comparisons to the ways in which millennials (respondents ages 18-24) and baby boomers (ages 55-65) maintain workplace relationships. “Relationships matter. Our survey reveals that interpersonal relationships at work can contribute in subtle yet visible ways to career and job success. The study highlights a clear shift in how personal these relationships get, with 67% of millennials surveyed likely to share personal details with co-workers,” infers Deepa Sapatnekar, Head, Communications India and Hong Kong of LinkedIn.

Revelations at the workplace 
>> 45% professionals surveyed in India report that friendships with colleagues affect their work performance by making them more productive in their careers, as compared to a global average of 34%.

>> In India, millennials shared that friendships in their workplace impact them in a positive way, making them feel happy (62%), motivated (56%) and productive (44%), while 28% of professionals aged 55-65 said that friendships with colleagues have no bearing on their work performance.

>> 56% of millennials in India are open to sharing relationship advice with co-workers, compared to 31% of baby boomers. The latter group is more comfortable discussing current affairs and other general interest topics.

>> In India, one third of professionals would even go as far as to say that their closest colleagues understand them better than their partners.

The relationships@work study
In April 2014, LinkedIn partnered with CensusWide to survey more than 11,500 full-time professionals around the world. Respondents between 18-65 years were surveyed in 14 countries including the United States, Sweden, India, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Italy, Indonesia, Bra>>il and the United Kingdom, to better understand how full-time working professionals view relationships at work.

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