Most Indians use condoms but allot less time for sex: Survey

Jan 07, 2013, 05:00 IST | ANI

India has made it to the list of top three countries to follow safe sex in a new survey

About 71 percent of Indians polled said they used condoms last time they had sex, just behind Hong Kong (73 percent) and China (77 percent), a major newspaper reported.

Sex and relationships, India ranked 3rd in global condom use survey

When it comes to time spend on creating desire for sexual activity and sexual arousal, our country is in the fifth position with couples spending 19. 3 minutes on foreplay, according to a condom firm that polled more than 30,000 adults in 37 countries.

But Indians spend less time on sexual intercourse than the rest of the world – couples are likely to make love on average for only 15.1 minutes.

Colombians have most sex, with 89 per cent making love at least once a week. Indonesians and Russians are joint second on 88 per cent.

Hungarians top the pleasure league, with 75 per cent having an orgasm during sex, followed by Greeks (71 per cent) and Spaniards (70 per cent). 

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