Movie Review: 'Lucky Kabootar'

Updated: Apr 28, 2014, 13:14 IST | Shakti Shetty

The film with it's laughable storyline and equally inane characters just can't hold it together, not even for a minute. 'Lucky Kabootar' does everything, except entertain

'Lucky Kabootar' 
U/A: Romcom
Director: Shammi Chhabra
Cast: Eijaz Khan, Ravi Kishan, Kulraj Randhawa, Shraddha Das, Sanjay Mishra

The answer to "How lame can a film get?" might vary depending on the film in question. But if some of the films being made right now are any indication, the industry is certainly a victim to falling standards. This is only reiterated when one looks at the number of good films vis-à-vis the total number of films made in a given year.

You’d think that filmmakers have one goal in mind: entertainment. But no, that’s not true. Because a film like 'Lucky Kabootar' — and 2014 has seen quite a lot of this kind — does everything, except entertain. With a laughable storyline and equally inane characters, the film just can’t hold it together, not even for a minute.

Set against the backdrop of the Punjabi heartland, the protagonist has embarked upon the quest of marrying an allegedly ‘modern’ girl in town. The catch being the fact that he’s already married to an unsophisticated, but kind-hearted woman. She’s devoted to him, while he devotes all his time to achieving ‘his dream’. Needless to say, he’s doomed and as he strengthens his resolution, the obstacles in his path go from illogical to horrendous. The resulting situations are far from funny as sanity goes out of the window. After a point, you don’t even bother to know what is happening on the screen or why. To top it, this yawn-inducing fare is dotted with loud, annoying songs.

The makers have clearly worked on this film just for the heck of it. The dialogues — especially the ones that are supposed to be funny — are borrowed from the net. No fancy camera work here, nor can the film boast of a high production value. It’s been a long time since ’90s Hindi cinema inspired a film to this extent.

As far as performances are concerned, there’s nothing extraordinary here. Lead actor Eijaz Khan has showcased his talent on the small screen on a wider scale; this film doesn’t do him any good. Sanjay Mishra may be a brilliant actor but his skills are also wasted here. His Godman character is shallow and his accent, supremely irritating. Ravi Kishan does what he’s been doing for quite some time: exude rugged masculinity with a predictable set of dialogues. Kulraj Randhawa is restrained as the likeable housewife, while Shraddha Das can’t stop hamming.

If you have no other option but to waste your precious time, then go ahead and watch this film.

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