Movie review: Rowdy Rathore

Jun 02, 2012, 06:55 IST | Janhavi Samant

Spoiler alert: Chin means backside, ta ta means beat up and chita means chutney. Put together the line means I'll beat up your backside till it becomes chutney.

Wah, such a grave philosophy. Rowdy Rathore is full of such wonderful gems of linguistic innovation like Tyaon nyaon, nyaon nyaon nyaon or dialogues like ‘You are strongly welcome’ and ‘Mera maal’ and ‘Faulad ki aulad.’ If it makes you laugh, great. Because that’s the whole point.

Here is a boisterous masala film where the smooth operator hero gets away with anything, right from stealing people’s cell phones even as they talk on them to grabbing the heroine’s waist while mouthing one-liners that will make you laugh out loud.

Here is a hero who has the brains and the biceps. The story is about Shiva (Akshay Kumar), city con artist — who in his own words acts like Shakti Kapoor when he needs to be Amol Palekar, when he sees gold, consumer durables and cell phones and of course, the bare waistline of Paro (Sonakshi) – who gets embroiled, after a comedy of errors, with some cops on the run and a ganglord from Devgarh, near Patna.

There is a double role of course and quite a bit of dishum-dishum that should be extremely satisfying to ten-year-olds (except that one doesn’t know how it has been cleared by the Censor Board for that age).

Akshay is fully in his element, swaggering with charm, overconfidence and irreverence. He even manages some complicated dance moves. To be frank, Miss Shotgun’s waist has more footage than her face. Paresh Ganatra playing 2G has great comic timing.

This film has everything, the comedy, action, an item number, the occasional melodrama, and even a Muslim lady cop called Razia Khan. Every once in a while in a reel, Rowdy threatens to go from irreverent to banal, or from street-smart to insolent. But Prabhu, with his easy fun in-your-face Tamil sensibility, manages to bring it back on an even keel most times. And that’s who the film totally belongs to. He is the real rowdy. 

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