Mumbai: 40 daily services to be cancelled as Andheri gets new platform

May 27, 2016, 08:37 IST | Shashank Rao

Commuters traveling between CST and Andheri on Harbour line, and those travelling on Churchgate-Andheri line, will be inconvenienced as platforms 6 and 7 are demolished and shifted

Those taking the Harbour line to Andheri will be unable to do so for the next few days as the platforms are being demolished for new ones, which will also be shifted. From May 29 to June 6 nearly 2 lakh-odd commuters taking the Harbour line between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)-Andheri, and thousands travelling on the Churchgate-Andheri line (as these trains halt on platforms 6 and 7 that will be shifted), will be affected.

The work has begun at Andheri station. Services will be run on platform 6 until platform 7 is shifted. PIC/Tehniyat Fatima
The work has begun at Andheri station. Services will be run on platform 6 until platform 7 is shifted. PIC/Tehniyat Fatima

Sources said that the Railways would begin the process of demolishing the platforms where at present the Harbour line terminates. The process has already begun with the roof of platform 7 being removed and heaps of stones to be used in construction lying at the entrance of the new area where the platforms will be shifted. “We expect the work of demolishing the existing platforms and opening the new ones to complete at least by mid-June,” said a railway official.

During the process the railways will be cancelling at least 40 services every day as they will be operating on platform 6 (until platform 7 is shifted) and more trains will be run from platform 2. The Western Railway (WR) officials agree that this will affect commuters, especially during peak hours when there will be restricted number of train services, and these will halt at Bandra.

Concrete sleepers and stones can be seen lying while tracks have been laid at the northern end of Andheri station. As per plans, the rail authorities will be demolishing the platforms, realigning the tracks and opening new ones. The officials from Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) said after the demolition of the existing platforms, and concourse area that connects the foot over bridge with Harbour line, they will realign the tracks and connect them with the new ones that have been laid.

The new platforms will run parallel to the existing platform 1 and an exit has been provided there for those going to the west side. “This new Harbour line will go all the way till Goregaon. We are sorting issues over part of the land between Andheri and Jogeshwari where it is not available yet,” said Prabhat Sahai, Chairman and Managing Director, MRVC.

The scene
During the period, total 40 suburban services running between Andheri – Churchgate (30 services) and Andheri – CST (10 services) will be cancelled every day. Also 10 services will be shifted to platform 2 instead of platform 7 during this period. 

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