Mumbai: After train runs over girl threatening suicide, boyfriend drinks poison

Oct 30, 2014, 11:55 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

A day after mid-day reported how a 15-year-old, threatening her lover with killing herself on railway tracks, actually got hit by a fast local, the boy attempted to end his life too

After making suicide threats to her boyfriend and actually getting killed by a train, a young woman has left another casualty in her wake. Her boyfriend consumed poison yesterday, following her death on Tuesday.

The couple were having a heated argument on platform no 4 at Santacruz station, when the girl jumped on the tracks and was struck by a local train
The couple were having a heated argument on platform no 4 at Santacruz station, when the girl jumped on the tracks and was struck by a local train

The Bandra railway police identified the deceased girl, a teenager, who was hit by a speeding train at Santacruz railway station while threatening her friend she would kill herself.

mid-day report yesterday
mid-day report yesterday

Right after she was hit, the young man she had been fighting with at platform four fled the spot and escaped to his hometown, where he attempted to end his life as well by drinking poison. He was, however, destined to live.

A mid-day report yesterday (‘Woman gets hit by train while threatening friend with suicide’) related how, on Sunday night, following a bitter argument, the girl jumped down on the tracks. Though she scurried for safety when she saw an oncoming train, the train struck her before she could clamber back up on the platform.

Cops probing the case said she was 15 years old, while her boyfriend is 18; both natives of Gujarat. Their investigations revealed that the two had eloped from Rajkot on October 25 and reached Mumbai the next afternoon.

The teenaged girl’s parents registered a case of kidnapping under IPC section 366 against the boy at Rajkot police station, which had been investigating the case. The young pair’s freshly acquired freedom, though, didn’t take more than a few hours to turn sour, as the cold reality of a strange city set in.

After arriving here, with no friends or relatives to turn to, they started quarrelling at Santacruz station and, eventually, the girl leapt down on the empty tracks to scare her friend. That is when a fast local hit her, while he watched aghast, before running away to Rajkot.

She was taken to Cooper Hospital, where she breathed her last on Tuesday. Meanwhile in Rajkot, the boy tried meeting his girlfriend’s fate by drinking poison. But he was saved by his family members. When he regained consciousness, he confessed to what had happened to the Rajkot police, who in turn informed the Bandra railway police.

Assistant Police Inspector C D’Mello of Bandra railway police said, “The deceased has been identified as a minor. Her parents and the Rajkot police will be coming to the city on Thursday morning. We will hand over her body to them. The course of action is to be decided pending investigations.”

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