Mumbai Airport: Cargo Terminal goes dark after Tata Power feeders trip

Mar 13, 2014, 09:13 IST | Neha Tripathi

Cargo terminal at Mumbai Airport is left without power after electricity feeders trip

Mumbai: At around 2:30 pm on Wednesday, cargo terminal at Mumbai Airport's T2 terminal was ingulfed in darkness after electricity was disconnected by Tata Power.

Pitch Dark: Workers and passengers outside Mumbai International Airport. Pic: mid day

Though Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) claims no effect of the power outage, different scenes were noticed at the Cargo Terminal around midnight.

An official requesting anonymity said, "The outgoing cargo movements are completely halted since 2 pm. Only the incoming cargos movements are operational."

Another official added, "We are temporarily making use of candles since evening. We had been informed that the electricity would be supplied from 1 am onwards, but if the situation continues, the electricity would return only in the morning."

It should be noted that all the necessary cargos were transferred to other airlines taking off from T2 Terminal as the Indigo and Indian Airline services weren't operational due to electricity cut. Official website of the Indigo Cargo reads.

We today carry more than 5500 tons of cargo in our belly space. Apart from general cargo we carry, valuables, perishable cargo, postal mail, dry ice (DG), courier, machinery parts and fish seed.

But none of the two airlines were operational till midnight.

Not only the cargo terminal but also the Domestic Airport was affected by tripping of the airport feeders. Most of the restaurants were non-functional.

Somil Shah reached terminal 1A to meet his brother who was returning to his hometown Delhi to find out that the airport was in a mess.

Shah said, "I was at 1A from 7 pm to 11 pm. There was no ventilation and it was dark in the terminal. Electricity was provided only for check in counters and conveyer belts."

He further added, "There were no security personnel manning 1A, a situation which could have easily lead to a security risk in darkness. Hope this problem gets resolved by morning or else it's going to inconvenience the passengers."

However, Tata Power Company in its statement said, Airport feeders, namely, Airport feeders 1 and 2 tripped at BKC due to fire at a nearby construction site.

Alternative power supply was fed immediately through DG sets. The Power Supply has been restored now through DSS 3 interconnection. Restoration work is in progress and completion is expected by late evening (Wednesday).

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