Mumbai beer lovers rejoice! Popular Pune microbrewery now in city

Apr 20, 2015, 08:20 IST | Dhara Vora

Pune’s famous microbrewery, Doolally Tap Room is finally serving its popular craft beer in Mumbai, and manages to get its food menu right too

For a while now, we've been hoping for this den to open their taps. So, when we found out that Pune's microbrewery Doolally Tap Room was finally in the city, beer aficionados that we are, we didn't waste a day to head there.

Chicken Ghee Roast
Chicken Ghee Roast

Located in the lane of Candies, near Lilavati Hospital, the eatery, didn't sport any signage. Inside, we couldn't miss the canteen-like vibe. With almost bare walls and wooden tables, it felt as if we were at a house party than a restaurant. It was 6.30 pm on a Sunday, and the tables were full.

We loved every portion of the Large Vegetarian Plate
We loved every portion of the Large Vegetarian Plate

On offer were three beers and Apple Cider (each costing `250). The Apple Cider tasted like a mix between Red Bull and Appy Fizz, and seemed to be the most popular drink as they ran out it by 9 pm.

India Pale Ale (left) and Apple Cider (right) at Doolally
India Pale Ale (left) and Apple Cider (right) at Doolally

We guessed it could have been because there is no other alcohol available and this could work for those who don't like beer (and end up at a brewery). Hefeweizen, the wheat beer offering had a heady aroma and a strong banana flavour. Round two, please!

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Usually, we aren't too kicked about India Pale Ale (IPA) as it can get too strong for our palate. Fortunately, the IPA at Doolally was lighter than the versions that we've sipped on at other breweries in the city.

The best part it didn't numb our taste buds for the rest of the evening. The final offering was Rauchbier, which had a mind-arousing smoky aroma, and is a great option for those who wish to take a detour from the stouts. Those who don't like alcohol can try their tasty Virgin Mojito (`170).

Doolally does a concise food menu, with a few starters and eight main course meals. We ordered a Large Vegetarian Plate (`650) from the starters and a Chicken Ghee Roast (`400) from the main meals. The plate offered different elements and textures pickled mushroom crostino, corn and jalapeno cigarillos, creole cottage cheese and fried wedge style potatoes topped with brie.

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Despite being a tad pricey, we were bowled over. The Chicken Ghee Roast was again a hit, just like home-cooked comfort food. The rice portion, with the balanced mix of jalapeno bits and kidney beans, meant we gave the dish a perfect ten.

We loved every bit of our food experiments at Doolally; now, if only the place would give off a vibe that does not feel like a plain boozy canteen.

At: ONGC Colony, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W).
Call: 9820570311

Doolally Tap Room didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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