Mumbai braveheart to get prosthetic arm thanks to generous citizens

Jul 30, 2014, 00:36 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

Seven months after Rohan Karkada’s right arm was amputated following a train mishap, his family can finally afford a prosthetic arm for him, thanks to donations made by moved mid-day readers

The past seven months have been nothing short of a nightmare for 21-year-old Rohan Karkada, but the second-year BA student finally has a reason to smile. Following a train mishap in Andheri station when he fell into a gap between the train and the platform, Rohan’s right arm had to be amputated, plunging him into a world of pain and uncertainty.

Rohan Karkada
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Thanks to the generosity of mid-day readers, however, the young man will be fitted with a myoelectric prosthetic arm over the next three weeks, with his family finally being able to pay for it with the help of donations they received. The Andheri resident has so far received Rs 3 lakh from readers.

mid-day reported on Rohan’s struggles after the accident
Mid-day reported on Rohan’s struggles after the accident

“We approached doctors in the past few weeks and decided to go for a myoelectric prosthetic arm that will enable him to use three fingers for complex tasks like writing. Though he will have direct control over only three fingers, he can move all his other fingers as well,” said Ranjan Wilson, his father.

“Following physiotherapy for 10 days, his measurements will be taken, after which his prosthetic arm should be ready in the next two weeks or so,” he added. After falling off from an overcrowded compartment of a train on December 22 last year, Rohan battled for his life for two months, when septicaemia set in after the amputation. With his family struggling to pay his hospital bills that had shot up to Rs 15 lakh, getting a prosthetic arm was out of the question. Rohan persevered, appearing for his FYBA exams while he waited for a breakthrough.

“Doctors suggested that we go for a basic model — which will weigh only 2.5 kg. We can upgrade once he is accustomed to the prosthesis. Since we have some funds from generous readers who came forward to donate, we are positive that he will regain his independence after a few months,” said Ranjan. Meanwhile, Rohan has resumed with his SYBA in R D National College in Bandra.

The Good Samaritan

Mid-day reader Clive D’Souza came forward to help the family after reading the reports. He formed a group, using WhatsApp and Facebook. “They raised Rs 90,000 for Rohan. Mr D’Souza went out of his way to make that possible. We were touched by such generosity,” said Ranjan.

Want to help?
If you want to help in any way, contact Ranjan Wilson at 9892059910 or 9892019454.

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