Mumbai: Cheating accountant spent Rs 13 lakh on son's birthday party

Jul 03, 2016, 07:20 IST | Vijay Kumar Yadav

29-year-old woman, Vrushali Bamane, who siphoned off Rs 16.32 crore from her company, was eyeing the owner's fixed deposits when she was arrested

The 29-year-old assistant accountant, Vrushali Bamane, who was arrested by the police for allegedly cheating her south Mumbai company out of Rs 16.32crore, had thrown a lavish R13-lakh birthday party for her son last year, police investigations revealed.

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Vrushali Bamane
Vrushali Bamane

While analysing the transaction details of Bamane’s bank accounts, the police questioned her about where she had spent the money. “During interrogation she told the police that on November 28, 2015, she had spent lakhs on a party on her son’s fourth birthday in Dombivli. She had booked a premium air-conditioned banquet hall for this. The party was the talk of the town in Dombivli’s Garibwada where she lives with her family,” an officer, privy to the investigation said. The police have seized a photo album of the party.

Investigators also found out that Bamane had her eye on the fixed deposits of the owner of the company and wanted to siphon off more money. However, before she could act on her plans she was booked and later arrested by the police. The police have not included this aspect in their investigation and Bamane’s company is carrying out an internal inquiry.

Bamane’s husband Sandeep, who is a body-builder, has also been arrested for helping her in the crime.

A police probe revealed that of the total Rs 16.32crore taken since 2013, Bamane had siphoned off Rs 6crore in 2016 alone from the company’s account. Earlier, she would siphon off small amounts every month in order to hide her crime, but later her greed drove her take large amounts at one go, another officer said.

The police have learnt that the Dombivli resident did not let the money lie around in her account but shrewdly invested her it in property worth crores across the state. She also used the money to buy several fancy cars and bikes, gifting them to her family members.

The police are in the process of identifying and seizing more properties, sources said. “She also has a locker in a Dombivli branch of Syndicate Bank and it is yet to be opened for investigation,” an officer said.

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