Mumbai: Constable recovers stolen wallet in two hours

Feb 08, 2015, 04:59 IST | Shirish Vaktania

A day after a woman’s wallet is stolen at Borivli, she registers a complaint; constable Hareshwar Bhoye finds it with its contents

A 45-year-old constable from Borivli station retrieved a woman’s wallet from the railway tracks within two hours after the victim registered the complaint. The police has promised Hareshwar Tulshiram Bhoye a reward for this excellent job.

Hareshwar Bhoye
Hareshwar Bhoye

Rashmi Talasilkar, a resident of Kastur park, at Borivli West lost her wallet with her PAN card, driving licence, passport, four credit cards, two debit cards and Rs 550 in cash.

On Tuesday, at 7.30 pm, Talasilkar was shopping in Borivli when her wallet was stolen by an unknown person. She realised the theft only after she returned home and, on Wednesday morning, registered a complaint with the police station.

Constable Bhoye began investigating the case and learnt about the unknown accused from his sources. S/he stole the wallet from a Borivli market area but later dropped it on the railway tracks at night. The police believe that the accused stole the wallet only for the money and spent the cash inside before disposing it of between Kandivli to Borivli railway stations.

Constable Bhoye sought the railway police’s help and managed to find the wallet with all important documents intact. He said, “Credit and debit cards can be easily misused, so I am glad we found the wallet and returned it to the woman.”

Talasilkar also wrote to ACP Arvind Mahabadi of Borivli division about Bhoye’s good work. “We have rewarded Bhoye for his excellent work,” Mahabadi said.

Despite repeated attempts, Talasilkar was unavailable for comment but the police added she was thrilled at getting her wallet back.

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