Mumbai Crime: 'Broke' security guard steals from hospital safe

Oct 30, 2014, 11:50 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The accused told the police that his mother’s and wife’s continuous illnesses had caused a financial strain, and that he only took what he needed to take care of his family

A 26-year-old security guard was arrested yesterday for stealing Rs 9.77 lakh cash on Diwali night from Global Hospital in Parel, where he was working.

The accused told the police that he decided to steal money because of his poor financial condition
The accused told the police that he decided to steal money because of his poor financial condition

The first-time offender told the police he decided to commit the crime because he was hard up due to his mother’s and wife’s continuous bouts of illness. While the accused had the chance to carry off a lot of money, he only took as much as he required for his family.

The accused, identified as Ganesh Palekar, has been working as a security guard at the Parel hospital since 2013. He was posted outside the Accounts and Finance room, which ironically, is the only room without a CCTV camera. According to Bhoiwada police, on the night of Diwali, Palekar stayed back after all the employees had left for home.

The accused told police that a few days back he had observed that the cupboard’s lock, which has the safe box, was broken and the key to the box was kept inside the cupboard itself, in a bag. Palekar opened the safe box after everyone had left and found a lot of cash, but decided to take only Rs 9.77 lakh from it.

While leaving, he threw Rs 2,000 near the back door of the room, hoping to mislead cops into believing that some thieves must have broken in from the door and escaped with the money. However, during investigation, Bhoiwada police immediately picked up the 26-year-old, who, after interrogation, admitted his crime. The Nehru Nagar resident had hidden the cash inside one of the utensils in his house.

He told cops that his wife and mother have been ill and because of his poor financial condition, he was unable to bring up his two kids, which led him to committing the theft. Senior Inspector, Sunil Tondwalkar of Bhoiwada police station, said, “The stolen cash was recovered from Palekar’s house. He was produced in court on Wednesday and has been remanded in custody.”

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