Mumbai Crime: Dead rat turns out to be dead man

Mar 13, 2014, 07:59 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Missing watchman found murdered in attic of a office in Prabhadevi; team of cops set off for West Bengal to trace and arrest the accused who worked with the victim

A team from Dadar police station has been dispatched to West Bengal to trace and arrest a watchman for murdering his 75 year-old colleague. 

The duo used to work at Rajshri Productions office in Prabhadevi. Officials said the accused collected his salary and documents submitted with the security agency before committing the crime.

Crime scene: Rajshri Productions office in Prabhadevi, where Mehendi Imam’s body was recovered from the loft above the pantry. Pic/Shadab Khan

The victim was identified as Mehendi Fazal Imam, 75, a resident of Kurla. Imam originally hails from Bihar.

The police recovered his body from the loft above the pantry after visiting the office on Tuesday.

“We were informed that the cook smelt something rotting and assumed that a dead rat must have been decomposing in the loft. When he entered the attic, he was stunned to see Imam’s body. He had been missing since Sunday,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone V) Dhananjay Kulkarni.

Imam’s body was sent to KEM Hospital for autopsy. Reports revealed strangulation as the cause of death, probably using a sock.

Also mentioned in the report was that the death had occurred more than 36 hours before his body was discovered.

An official from the Dadar police station said, “Initially we suspected it to be a case of robbery. But nothing was missing from the office, expect for the other security guard. The security agency told us that the accused had asked its owners for the photocopies of his documents, as he had lost his old licence and wanted to make a new one. He also asked for an advance salary, which he received. The accused reported to work on Sunday night, but has been missing since Monday morning. The accused has been booked under relevant sections of the IPC.”

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