Mumbai crime: Jobless man kills paralysed mother

Feb 14, 2014, 08:08 IST | Sagar Rajput

Frustrated with her rising medical bills, the 55-year-old assaulted his bedridden mother in their Colaba home; he also assaulted his wife, who was at home at the time; she fled the house and informed the police

An unemployed man attacked and murdered his bedridden mother in Colaba on Wednesday evening. Scared by the sudden assault, his wife left the house and informed the Colaba police, who later came and arrested the accused in the evening yesterday.

The incident occurred in Shani Dev building on Rajwadkar Street, Colaba, where Ram Kashinath Keer (55) stayed with his 80-year-old mother Saraswati, his wife, and their 20-year-old daughter. His mother was paralysed and had been bedridden for many years.

‘Dead on admission’
Police said the man entered the house on Wednesday and started hitting both his wife and mother. Senior Inspector Rameshwar Suple of Colaba police station said, “He entered the house and started hitting his wife and mother with his bare hands.

His wife got scared and left and reported the matter to us immediately.” A team was dispatched to the house and took the elder woman to the hospital. But she was declared dead on admission. The accused Ram was sitting quietly in the corner of the room. He was picked up on the spot, taken into custody and interrogated.

Jobless, rising bills
Police officials claimed that the man had been without a job for about five years and was extremely frustrated. Due to his mother’s medical condition, the bills had been piling up and he was unable to pay them. “Ram is a school drop-out and studied only till Std VIII. He left Mumbai and went to Dubai, where he worked in a hotel for some years,” informed Suple.

Five years ago, Ram returned to Mumbai, hoping to live a happy life with his family. But he couldn’t get a job anywhere, which led to the deterioration of his financial condition. Ram’s elder sister has been helping the
family financially.

Asked about the motive for the murder, the inspector said, “We have not been able to identify the cause. He has not been talking to anyone since he was arrested. But prima facie interrogations suggest that the lack of a job drove him into depression. He had also taken to drinking and his mother’s medical bills were an additional load, which angered him.”

However, cops said Ram may not have intended to kill her; he kept hitting her with his hands. Ram was booked under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code. He was produced in court yesterday and remanded to police custody.

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