Mumbai crime: Rs 4.5 lakh stolen from 12 people who used Parel ATM

Apr 09, 2014, 06:25 IST | Sagar Rajput

Account holders with different banks, who used the Union Bank of India cash dispenser in Parel on March 27, lost money 10 days later. Cops have received 4 complaints so far

On Sunday, more than 12 people who had earlier used the Union Bank of India ATM on Dr SS Rao Road in Parel, at the junction near the income tax office, had money stolen from their accounts. They got SMSes from the bank saying that cash sums had been withdrawn.

The Union Bank of India ATM at Dr SS Rao Road, across from the Income Tax office, in Parel. Pic/Datta Kumbhar
The Union Bank of India ATM at Dr SS Rao Road, across from the Income Tax office, in Parel. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

The police say that the total amount lost by the account holders totals up to Rs 4.54 lakh. The Kalachowkie police officials are yet to register an FIR . So far, they have received four complaint letters and are waiting for the other complainants to come forward so they can lodge the FIR.

Senior police inspector Bhausaheb Gite said, “ We are going to register the offence, but we are still waiting for more complainants to come forward. The bank authorities informed us that there are around 12 complainants.”

Gite further said, “ On March 27, whoever used the ATM lost money later; the culprits are thought to be located outside the city limits. The complainants are account holders from different banks, and they got text messages that money had been debited from either Thane or Kalyan.”

Cops will now go through the CCTV footage of the ATM, so as to find out who tried to hack the details of the account holders. Asked what precautions should the bank take, the senior inspector said, “ Every bank ATM should be well guarded. At least one guard should be there to keep check on the people using the machine and what they are up to.”

One of the victims, Ashish Rane from Andheri, said, “The Union Bank ATM is very close to my workplace, so I went there to withdraw some money from my account, after which, I suppose, my account was hacked. Later on Sunday, I got several text messages stating that certain amounts of money was withdrawn from my account. I was shocked and contacted the bank officials.”

The complainant said that the accused left only Rs 635 in his account. The police officials have been investigating the matter and are trying to get concrete leads to crack the case.

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