Mumbai crime: Thieving 'face-readers' caught red-handed

Mar 16, 2014, 09:19 IST | A Correspondent

The duo was arrested as they approached a second victim after decamping with a student’s gold chain

Two conmen who duped an engineering student of his gold chain by claiming to be face-readers, were caught when they tried to cheat another victim within the next few minutes, in the same area.

Manoj Yadav
Manoj Yadav

According to senior police inspector Vinayak Mule of Vakola police station, Manoj Yadav was approached by Akram and Anwar Sheikh, near the Vakola market. They asked the 18-year-old for directions to a dentist’s chamber.

But as he gave them directions, one of the men told Yadav he could see tough times ahead for the lad, and that he was a face reader. Sensing Yadav had fallen for their trap, the duo asked him to remove his gold chain and wrap it in a handkerchief. They then proceeded to “pray” to the handkerchief before giving it back with an assurance that the “bad luck” would soon go away.

Yadav unwrapped the handkerchief, he realised the chain was missing. Luckily, a few policemen heard his cries and quickly fanned out in search of the accused men. The two were trying to con another victim into parting with his valuables.

They were caught red-handed and Yadav’s gold chain recovered. “We have arrested Akram Sheikh, 35 and Anwar Sheikh, 30 both residents of Mumbra. They are habitual offenders,” the inspector said.

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