Mumbai dance bars open: Woman crusader sceptical about government

Oct 15, 2015, 13:29 IST | Varun Singh

Varsha Kale, President, Womanist Party of India has welcomed the Supreme Court's decision on dance bars but she is still wary about the ruling government in Maharashtra

Nearly 30,000 dancers of Mumbai Dance bars may have their space back. However, the woman who fought for these dancers is still sceptical that the present BJP government, which harps on morality, will let it happen soon.

Varsha Kale, President, Womanist Party of India, who fought for the dancers, is happy but is taking the decision of Supreme Court with caution. Thought she welcomes the government's decision but she is still wary about it.

The Supreme Court has lifted the ban imposed by Maharashtra government in 2005 on dance bars.

Most dance bars located in South Mumbai and Central Mumbai had to be shut down or change profession because of the ban. Kale said, "There was no proper rehabilitation process for the dancers. We are happy that the Court has given us relief. I hope the government, like the previous doesn't challenge it. However, this government is extreme when it comes to morals and the general perception is that dance bars are immoral. So there could be some hindrances, but we hope that the dancers will find a livelihood."

Despite simmering opposition from within the state Cabinet, the then R R Patil-led home ministry wangled its approval to introduce an amendment bill that will ban dance performances from all types of hotels.

However, now it seems dance bars in Mumbai will soon be a reality.

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