Mumbai Diary: Friday frolics

Mar 13, 2015, 08:08 IST | Contributed by: Hemal Ashar, Dharmendra Jore, Vidya Heble

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

City dancer on Unesco panel
A Borivali girl, Puja Bhalerao, who has done her MFA in Bharatanatyam from Bharat College of Fine Arts, has done the city proud as she has been accepted as a member of Unesco’s International Dance Council.

Puja Bhalerao
Puja Bhalerao

Currently, she is producing a documentary on sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica after completing her MA in film and video from American University in Washington, DC. Puja’s first stage performance was in the dance drama Durga Zhali Gauri, which was telecast by Doordarshan in the late 1980s.

She says her next filmmaking venture will be on Bollywood dancing. “I do not perceive filmmaking and Bharatnatyam as totally different forms. They are just two different ways of looking at the same thing.

What differs is only the subjects. History tells us that dance, theatre and folk stories originated to entertain and inform people,” she told us on her recent visit to the country.

Rock reminiscences
A year ago on this date, we wrote rather excitedly about a rocking gig we had attended at a city lounge, where among others the irrepressible Nandu Bhende had set the rafters a-shiver and the audience a-quiver.

Nandu Bhende
Nandu Bhende

We ended with the observation, “Old rockers don’t fade away quietly they just keep on rocking.” Those words felt eerie when the news came of Bhende’s passing just a month later.

For those of a certain vintage, our first experience of Nandu Bhende was when he was in Elvisian garb, hair curling down to his shoulders, belting out Marathi pop on Doordarshan our only avenue to culture, and an eclectic provider of it. And somewhere in the universe (or across it, perhaps), we are sure he is still bringing down the house, mike in hand.

That’s really caw-some
Post Holi and the sun has started its merciless march (pun intended) into Mumbai. The heat is going up several notches every day and with that of course, water becomes your elixir.


Now, you can buy a bottle of water but we saw this crow, looking to quench his thirst from a pipe. Now, we think this is the spirit of survival in a city, where that is all.

Pick a picture, it’s perfect
Art lovers will know that hidden gems can be found in little collections and exhibitions in the most unlikely of places. For those who know what we mean, and who relish the joy of a good find, there is another chance to hit upon that perfect picture for your wall and to do good while picking it up.

Young artists at Manorama Pathshala
Young artists at Manorama Pathshala

Manorama Pathshala, a non-profit organisation which educates vulnerable and at-risk children living in hutments in Versova, is holding Vision, an exhibition of work by first-time artists, tomorrow.

According to a Manorama Pathshala spokesperson, the aim is to give kids who are not receiving any institutional education the chance to explore, learn and engage themselves, and Art has been one of the core subjects that are taught to the young students.

The exhibition aims to encourage and motivate the young artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent. Not just art, baked goods and handicrafts will also be available so hurry on down to Andheri.

When: Saturday, March 14, 11.30am to 7.30pm
Where: Bliss Store, Plot No 180, Aram Nagar Part-1, Fisheries University Road, Andheri West, Mumbai
Contact: 022-26332111

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