Mumbai Diary: Monday musings

Updated: Nov 17, 2014, 09:50 IST | Contributed by: Shakti Shetty, Shrikant Khuperkar, Vidya Heble |

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Watch that phone!
It’s not just us. A study in the United Kingdom has said that the over-use of mobile phones can lead to mental health problems, according to a report in The Guardian. A health select committee in the House of Commons has warned that violent video games, the sharing of indecent images on mobile phones, and other types of digital communications, are harming young people’s mental health, citing evidence of big increases in self-harm and serious psychological problems among the under-18s.


Out here the major damage seems to be physical, resulting from people so deep into their phone world that they don’t know where they are walking, and fail to see traffic as well as trains. But maybe the phone moan is a cause for other problems, too — behavioural abnormalities, depression and even suicide. It is certainly worth looking into.

Right next door
Visitors to Igatpuri, a hill station and temple destination on the Central Railway line, are used to seeing signboards for the various temples and shrines in the area. One of the temples is dedicated to Dakshinmukhi Hanuman, who is also known as Sankat Mochan Hanuman (reliever of troubles). The temple is a very old one, and is located outside Igatpuri railway station.

The Dakshinmukhi Hanuman temple
CALLING THE FAITHFUL: The Dakshinmukhi Hanuman temple at Igatpuri is one of the many famous ones in the area. Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar

Perhaps many visitors have stopped here in search of Lord Ram, with whom Hanuman is always associated, because a sign at the gate of the temple identifies it as being the Hanuman temple, and a smaller signboard below says, “Shri Ram ji aage milenge (Lord Ram is to be found further on).”

See the light, please
CAN someone please explain to us — because we fail to understand, despite trying hard — why exactly there is such inequality in our city’s power distribution? Some parts of Mumbai face regular outages while others are supplied electricity 24/7.

THE SUN IS FREE: So why are the lights on?
The sun is free: So why are the lights on?

This disparity is further aggravated by abject wastage of energy by the authorities. For instance, not a month goes by that we don’t notice the street lamps on during the blazing afternoon outside Currey Road station. We wonder how these bulbs are helping the sun in spreading light.

Sketchy details
FOR students of fine art, finding human models is not as easy as one may think. Especially in our busy city, few people have time to sit for an artist.

Art all around: When looking for real-life scenes to sketch, subjects are close at hand. Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar

More so, when the artist is a student. So the next best thing is to go where the art is — or rather, where the subjects are. This girl evidently takes it seriously, as she sketches a commuter on the opposite platform at Dombivili station, early one morning. A student of Karandikar Art College at Dombivili, she seemed to be doing a good job, from what we saw of her work. More power to her brush!

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