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Jun 30, 2014, 08:11 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Mind your head
This is one corporate campaign we are glad to see. Sad that it is required, of course, but given the apparent collective stupidity that grips so many two-wheeler riders, a safety message like this cannot be reiterated often enough.

Unfortunately it is an all-too-real scenario. Pic/ Bipin Kokate
Unfortunately it is an all-too-real scenario. Pic/ Bipin Kokate

A dummy body is lying next to a fallen motorcycle outside a cellphone provider’s showroom in the city, with the message prominently displayed: “Hurt your helmet, not your head.” We hope riders see this and heed it.

Not just wearing helmets, but riding “triple seat”, going the wrong way, making illegal U-turns, swerving in front of large vehicles such as buses and trucks... there is seemingly no end to the dangerous and foolish, not to mention completely unnecessary, risks that two-wheeler riders take.

Even more worryingly, we often see them doing these things with their family (small children, too) on the vehicle along with them. We do wonder do you not have a care for life, Mr Motorcyclist?

Lost and quickly found
Commuters at Churchgate station last weekend, when there was not much crowd, came across a huddle of people clustered around a boy of about eight, sitting on a bench.

Churchgate being a major terminus, one should be more careful than usual
Churchgate being a major terminus, one should be more careful than usual

Apparently one of them had just stopped him from trying to board a train as it was pulling out of the station. After admonishing him about the dangers of trying to get on or off a moving train, the people realised that the boy seemed to be lost.

He was unaccompanied by any adult, and could only recall a mobile number but was not sure whose it was, his father’s or his mother’s. Just as someone was about to inform the station master, the boy’s mother came hurrying up and clutched the boy to her.

She had gone to drink water and asked her son to wait for her on the platform - but the confused boy had tried to board a train instead. Thanks to the alert commuters, a tense situation was averted.

His master’s company
Would it be incorrect to state the dogs are the best people around? Well, no. And going by the one we recently spotted outside Sanpada railway station, it only reinforces our belief that the four-legged cuties are a kind to reckon with.

The faithful companion. Pic/Shakti Shetty
The faithful companion. Pic/Shakti Shetty

This particular handsome dog apparently was a puppy who decided to “settle down” with a not quite legal, if you may vegetable vendor on the footpath. As of today, the fully grown canine in question keeps guard throughout the day while his master sells his greens. One heck of a partnership!

For the sake of safety
While safety messages and warnings about suspicious-looking activity are regularly broadcast and displayed on the railways, one often sees signs that the authorities may not be all that committed to safety themselves.

An invitation to trouble. Pic/Pravin Mahida
An invitation to trouble. Pic/Pravin Mahida

There are even examples of negligence such as this an electrical box left open and unguarded in the general first-class compartment of Western Railway.

It is no secret that people without valid tickets or passes regularly board the first-class compartments. Sometimes passengers are inebriated, and may not think twice before interfering with the open box. Besides of the above, this is just plain dangerous. Right, Railways?

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