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Aug 21, 2014, 07:54 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Well, hello Munshibhai
Spotted: Anti-mobile tower radiation activist Prakash Munshi at the Press Club reception area recently. Munshi, a Walkeshwar resident who is a prominent face and voice along with actor Juhi Chawla at so many anti-mobile radiation seminars across the city, especially SoBo was booking the conference hall for a talk on anti-mobile tower radiation by an overseas speaker.

Prakash Munshi (l) at a mobile tower radiation awareness seminar
Prakash Munshi (l) at a mobile tower radiation awareness seminar

An American is scheduled to be in the city very soon, to speak to the press on the issue which has cleaved urban society into two in Mumbai with so many mobile towers on different buildings. There are two schools of thought and it is a simmering debate that is gaining traction. For more on this, like they say, watch this space.

Woof on the roof
Call this city loud, stinky or whatnot but there’s one thing that we all take for granted: Mumbai’s ability to let us just be. Although it’s buzzing and bursting at the seams with rising population and shrinking space, the fabled peace of mind is seldom far away from where we are.

Even birds come down to earth sometimes... Pic/Pravin Mahida
Even birds come down to earth sometimes... Pic/Pravin Mahida

After all, Mumbaikars get used to the pace within no time, leaving little scope for regrets. This quality if you may is something we imbibe during our stay here. And it applies to non-human creatures as well. Be it animals on the railway tracks foraging for tidbits, or crows hopping around roadkill, suffice it to say that there is balance in motion on a daily basis.

...while for some, it’s just a dog’s life! Pic/Sai Shetty
...while for some, it’s just a dog’s life! Pic/Sai Shetty

For instance, we recently spotted a dog (who, we’re sure, must have spent the night chasing bikes) dozing peacefully under bright sunlight right next to the blaring of passing local trains. Well, whom can you blame when you’ve embraced chaos so beautifully?

Let’s talk about legs
While our leggy lovelies have been scorching the ramp, a whole lot of other legs have been shouting for attention at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 at Palladium Hotel. With the event mainly at the eighth and ninth levels of the hotel, people have been forced to walk up and down, in and out, exercise a lot and generally give ‘taking it to the next level’ a whole new meaning altogether.

Talking about legs, very visible were the ones in the front row. Crisscrossed legs (but, of course), either left leg over right leg or right leg over left leg (not that we see any meaning in that), displaying the actual legs or what was covering them.

Trousers for the men and pants for the women who like to wear the pants in the house or at fashion shows, especially when they know that they have the front-row seat. We particularly noticed Azmina Rahimtoola and Lucky Morani sitting side by side, both bespectacled and both be-panted. Azmina had on interesting tie-and-dye inky blue and white pants with what looked like brown leather strips.

Lucky by her side was the golden girl, mainly because she was wearing golden pants. Then there were the men who believe in denims and the more ripped the better even thought they may not have good knees. Of course, not many people would have seen that, what with the lovely leggies on the catwalk and the crisscrossed ladies in the front row, some also showing off funky footwear that gleamed in the lights.

Okay, now let’s get away from the legs and get to the hands. The hands were busy, not cheering for the designers and the models, but in clicking pictures of the models and the designers. Yes, it looked like the fastest finger first. Tap, tap, tap went the fingertips as people texted or tweeted or whatever they do with their smartphones. Surprisingly, we did not see many people clicking selfies in the front row!
- Marcellus Baptista

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