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Jun 25, 2014, 07:47 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

THE handheld camera shot of oneself, alone or with friends, is now immortalised as the "selfie", and is all the rage.

Selfie with Shilpa
THE handheld camera shot of oneself, alone or with friends, is now immortalised as the “selfie”, and is all the rage. Social media platforms are inundated with people posting pictures of themselves, and this craze has not left kids untouched.

Selfie with Shilpa Shetty
Zoya Jan Shariff’s selfie with Shilpa Shetty

And, of course, the desire to have the best selfie knows no age. Recently, this diarist came across an instance of a nine-year-old girl whose enterprising ways got her a cool selfie.

Zoya Jan Shariff was at a popular toy store with her parents when she spotted actress Shilpa Shetty. She then asked her dad for his mobile, calmly and confidently approached the Bollywood diva, and asked if she could pose for a selfie with her. The little one’s poise and initiative floored the actress, who gladly posed with Zoya.

Why tempt with stunts?
IN OUR vast talent pool of creativity, surely ad film makers could have come up with something better to show a motorcycle’s capabilities, than the tired old routine of a rider performing stunts? The only thing that changes in these series of campaigns is the kind of stunts that are shown.

Bike stunt

The latest is one in which the “hero” has no time to put on his clothes, and does so on the bike — pulling on his trousers and even tying his shoes while doing a wheelie. Of course, there is the usual disclaimer in the tiny lettering at the bottom, “Extreme actions performed by experts on empty roads. Please do not copy.” Even if the viewer can tear his eyes away from the stuntastic visuals, the warning words are so small that they can barely be seen. In the corporate world’s quest to grab more and more eyeballs, surely some restraint can be exercised? We are sure there are enough creative and attention-getting ways to showcase a bike, without luring viewers into potentially dangerous manoeuvres. Because, let’s face it, no matter how many disclaimers one includes, there will always be people who imitate what they see on screen. And even one casualty is too much.

Sunny heads to Brazil
FORMER India cricket captain Sunil Gavaskar is all set to witness some live football action in Sambaland. The former India opener has been invited to witness some of the second round action at the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and needless to say, he’s all excited about watching football’s mega event from the stands. “I have been invited by FIFA through their India broadcasters Sony for the event. Two round-of-16 matches and one of the quarter-finals is what I’m hoping to catch. I can only stay till the first quarter-final as I have to return to England for the India Test series,” Gavaskar told mid-day.

So, whom will the Little Master be rooting for? “I am a huge fan of Brazil, so I’m hoping they win the World Cup, just like India won the cricket cup in 2011,” added Gavaskar.

Where spelling takes a flying leap
ON THE road to the airport, this is a sign that could leave you flummoxed. For one thing, the direction to the Domestic Airport is a little convoluted. It would be better to ask a local shopkeeper how to get there unless you want to end up in a tangle.

MASTIC-ATE THIS: Signs of the spell-challenged times. Pic/Satyajit Desai
MASTIC-ATE THIS: Signs of the spell-challenged times. Pic/Satyajit Desai

Moreover, Domestic itself is spelt in a rather creative way. Maybe the reasoning (we always believe there is a thought process that leads to these things) was that since most other words end with “-astic”, such as plastic, fantastic and, um, bombastic, well why should the poor airport be spelt with an “e”? It must be “-astic” too, like the rest. Remember, some time ago we had spotted the signboards leading to the University, spelt as Univercity? Logic at work there too, we are sure.

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