Mumbai Diary: Thursday Dossier

Nov 12, 2015, 08:11 IST | Hemal Ashar, Suprita Mitter and Krutika Behrawala

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Sufi sounds in Mumbai
As part of Sufi festival, Sama’a: The Mystic Ecstasy:Festival of Sufi music, NCPA will host a variety of performances. Indian musicians Hemant Chauhan and Satyasheel Deshpande will present a musical evening inspired by Kabir, titled, Path of the Heart.

A dance performance by Ziya Azazi at Sama’a The Mystic Ecstasy-Festival of Sufi Music. Pic courtesy/ Narendra Dangiya
A dance performance by Ziya Azazi at Sama’a The Mystic Ecstasy-Festival of Sufi Music. Pic courtesy/ Narendra Dangiya

Bolero is a dance performance by Ziya Azazi, a Turkish born Austrian dancer and choreographer whose solo-dance productions are based on experimental whirling. Bolero is based on the idea that repetition is captivating and full of surprises. Another solo by Azazi titled, Ember, will showcase the desperation of man within the ongoing life cycle.

The performance will involve whirling surrounded by live fire. On the third day of the festival, Indian musician Javed Ali, who has been trained by his father Hamid Hussain, a well-known qawwali singer, and Ghulam Ali, legendary ghazal maestro, will present sufiana compositions from the traditional repertoire and also songs based in Bollywood. The festival is scheduled for November 20 to 22.

It’s fair time in Bandra
Come November 27, and Bandra’s St Andrew’s High School will come alive with the Andrean Fair. Originally launched in the 1960s as a fund-raiser, it has always been a hit in and around Bandra, with days of fun and entertainment for people across ages.

St Andrew’s Church, Bandra
St Andrew’s Church, Bandra

This year, the Andrean Fair will be presented in a brand new avatar, revamped and re-styled to mark its 400th anniversary. This year marks the beginning of the 400th anniversary of the formation of the Parish of St Andrew’s Church in Bandra.

The Church of St Andrew is the oldest existing church in Bandra; it is approximately 50 years older than the Taj Mahal in Agra, with the present structure of the church dating back to around 1600. Expect mouth-watering local cuisine, a flea market, popular bands and artists, including music talent from Bandra.

Suryanamaskar, and groove too
This weekend, as the the two-day Eden ArtFest promises to get Mumbaikars in the mood at the lawns and indoor clubbing areas of Tote On The Turf at Mahalaxmi Racecourse, there’s a new twist — or should we say — stretch — to pique music buffs.

Its organisers claim that this will be India’s first urban festival to offer morning detox sessions paired with music and yoga to get charged for the day ahead (or slide into the dancing early on). Now, that’s what we call the whole stretch.

Breaking Free breakthrough
It truly is a happy Diwali for Sridhar Rangayan, director of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) documentary, Breaking Free. Sridhar has learnt that Indian Panorama, the government’s 21 non-fiction film showcase, includes his film, Breaking Free, which has been produced through crowd funding. It traces the history of the Indian LGBT community.

Supporters of the LGBT community at the Mumbai Queer Pride Parade 2015 in Mumbai held earlier this year
Supporters of the LGBT community at the Mumbai Queer Pride Parade 2015 in Mumbai held earlier this year

Rangayan, said, “The inclusion of our film is momentous, because it allows a large and diverse audience to see the film, thereby mainstreaming issues of the beleaguered Indian LGBT community, who have been severely affected by the Supreme Court’s decision re-criminalizing homosexuality in 2013.” Breaking Free will be screened at the International Film Festival of India on November 26 in Goa.

With love from Russia
While world cinema is available at the click of a mouse, attending a foreign language movie screening has its own charm. Especially in an Art Deco theatre. Revisit Russian classics and watch contemporary fare as part of Russian Film Days, a four-day affair that starts from November 16.

A film by Russian master, Elem Klimov
A film by Russian master, Elem Klimov

Organised by Russian National Fund of the Copyright Holder’s Support along with the Filmmakers Union of the Russian Federation in partnership with Osianama, the screenings will take place at SoBo’s iconic Liberty Cinema. Catch the works of masters like Sergei Eisenstein, Andrei Tarkovsky, Mikhail Kalatozov and Dziga Vertov or catch up on the world premiere of Without Borders and The Teacher.

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